2019 Mid Year Promo SALE

Since Sky got the Ultimate Weapon, and with it are a bulk load of treasures. Among them are the...

Solar Rising Purchase Reward

Since Sky did found a bulk load of treasurers during his conquest in Luxor. He...

Solar Rising Patch Notes

Sky did found valuable treasures during his conquest in Luxor. One of them is the ULTIMATE...

IndoTurnamen 2019 Schedule

Here are the Team and Bracket Schedule of INDOTURNAMEN 2019


Where: Titan E-Sports, 1661 Amara Building 2nd Floor Evangelista Street, Makati City

Highroller Club JUNE 2019 Members

Congratulations to the following individuals for being part of the HIGHROLLER...

JUNE Warlord Winners

Congratulations to the following soldiers, they've proven their worth to be called the SF2 Warlord of...

VIP Rewards July 2019

Luxury at its finest! Get permanent weapons once you reach VIP 5 before July 8, 2019.

Clash of the Corps 2019

Clash of the Corps is coming back!

SF2 Femme Fatale 2019

Do you have it takes to be the FIRST all Female Team Champion to compete in...