Elites Online Tournament S5

Pre-Registration From October 3, 2018 to October 8, 2018 5:00 PM (GMT+8) Matchroom Registration: Register Here (Make sure that you account is Verified) Elites Online Tournament Season 5...

Ekim’s Invasion: General Santos City and Davao City

Prizes: Champion PHP 5000 30 Days SIG551 EOTech Virus FX 30 Days kelly Avatar 30 Days Tactical Set 1st Runner Up PHP 2000 15 Days K2 EOTech Virus FX 15 Days...

Ultimatum 2019 North Finals

Who among the southern soldiers will emerge victoriously and grab the slot for the ULTIMATUM 2019

Warlord November 2020

Congratulations to the following soldiers, they’ve proven their worth to be called the SF2 Warlord of November 2020 Strok ]ADN WhiteDeat CharlsXD Rasta-Toxine HuNTeR_TH ...

Clan Match

Play 75 Clan Matches Enchanced crosshair(7D) Spectator Enhance V1(7D) Combat information Indicator minimap pin indicator 7D Play 100 Clan Matches Combat Glove (7D) Combat Pants (7D) Kelly(7D) Play 150 Clan Matches Combat Jacket (7D) Combat...

Budindz LAN Tournament Champion 2019

Congratulations to TEAM SixthSense for being the Champion of Budindz Lan Tournament

Ultimatum Northern Legacy Tour 2018

Who will be the representative for the North?

Special Force 2: Cross the Bridge Event

CROSS THE BRIDGE and then you'll get there! Where?! TO VICTORY, BRAVE SOLDIERS!

[REVISED] Game Policies and Penalties

Special Force 2 SEA Policy The following rules govern the Special Force 2 SEA game and the Special Force 2 SEA website...

June Purchase Reward

Gemini Series is now up and are free if Spend an accumulated in-game purchase of 50,000 GP during the event...