September 2020: Lone Survivor Patch Notes

Survive any jungle with our latest weapons NEW FEVER Capsule Jungle Warfare GP Fever Capsule SCAR-L Mod 2A Eotech USMC New GP Capsule   Lone Survivor I...

Digmaan sa CGH Champion

Congratulations to KUSH for being the Winner of the Digmaan LAN Tournament in CGH

Mano y Mano: SF2 Duel Strike Patch

Enjoy and See the newest game mode and new items!

FAMAS ProLeague Purchase Reward

Get FAMAS Reflex ProLeague  for FREE! If you purchase in-game items of at least 50,000 GP...

November Warlord 2019

Congratulations to the following soldiers, they’ve proven their worth to be called the SF2 Warlord of November 2019 ALoLoN♪ ♡NlSSlN♡ E'N'D' -IDGAF- Valiky SIMPLES1ZE- GoldOcean '○betChut -Cisum -Sn0w♥

Advisory on FryPan Removal

Our Frypan's going to be removed?! What?!?

PlayPark AllStars 2019

Be the first to have the exclusive SFWC 2019 series! Early Bird

9.9 Promo

  Buy a VIP Membership Card (30D) on September 9, 2020 to get the follow: HK417 Mod3A Reflex Silencer LaserPointer Giraffe (Limitless) GLOCK 17 Full...

Pirate Barter’s Gacha Bonanza

A Pirate Barter gave us a Gacha Bonanza SALE! Event Period:...

SECTOR-A: SEQUEL Tournament 2019

Event Schedule: Date: November 10, 2019 (Sunday) 10:00 AM GMT+8 Where: SEQUELGaming Hub, Juan Luna St., Davao...