Congratulations to Ynares Invasion winners

Congratulations to Ynares Invasion winners:

Game Policies and Penalties

Rules to govern Special Force 2 PH game and the Special Force 2 PH website (including message boards / forum/community pages).

Month End Bonanza

  Troopers!   It's almost the end of the month but don't worry as you can still get a FREE weapon.   Spend atleast 30,000GP from February 26 to...

Advisory on FryPan Removal

Our Frypan's going to be removed?! What?!?

Advisory on Capsule Removal

Please take note of the following advisory regarding the removal of capsule items in the capsule shop.

Revised Special Force 2 Game Policies and Penalties

We have updated our in-game policies and penalties to keep up with the current trends in-game. Take a look at the new policies and corresponding penalties.

Special Force 2 Redemption Guide

Here's a thorough guide in redeeming voucher codes for Special Force 2 SEA!

Road To Ultimatum 2018 Northern Division Finals Mechanics

Here is the mechanics for the Road To Ultimatum 2018 - Northern Division Finals!

November Armory Stake Winners!

November Armory Stake Winners!

Loyalty Package!

Of course, there's also the loyalty package for our patriotic Soldiiers, being with us through thick and thin.