Road To Ultimatum 2018 Northern Division Finals Mechanics

Here is the mechanics for the Road To Ultimatum 2018 - Northern Division Finals!

November Armory Stake Winners!

November Armory Stake Winners!

Loyalty Package!

Of course, there's also the loyalty package for our patriotic Soldiiers, being with us through thick and thin.

Month End Bonanza Winners

Here are the players who qualified in our Month End Bonanza promo!

CIRCUIT BLADE – September Patch Notes

The Circuit Blade patch is here! Find out the new stuff we have to offer on our latest content update!

July 2017 Brig List

The Brig is back! Check out the list of those who are given a warning.

Welcome Back Package!

Welcome Back Package for all returning Soldiers!

The Brig!

Dare to cheat, you can never retreat!