4th Anniversary Login Event

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Arms Dealer 50% Flash Sale

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Champion’s Giveaway

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Respawn Point Patch Notes

NEW GP CAPSULES Chrome All-in-One GP Capsule G36C EOTech Chrome CZ700 Chrome P90 OpenDot Silencer Chrome Baseball Chrome Kriss V EOTech Chrome K14 Chrome ...

2019 Mid Year Promo SALE

Since Sky got the Ultimate Weapon, and with it are a bulk load of treasures. Among them are the...

Streamer Program

Calling all full-pledged Soldiers who want to be one of the SF2 Ambassador! Volunteer and receive exclusive rewards in the SF2 Streamer Program! Registration: February 24,...

Bang Gang with the GM’s

Mechanics: • Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday • Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM (GMT+8) • Server: Open Server • Mode: Random • Map: Random • Winning Condition: Winning Team • Rules...

March 2019 Special Login Event

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