Arms Dealer November Update

Arms Dealer is now UPDATED! Get them now until supplies last! Here's the link of the shop: CLICK HERE But wait there's more! For all soldiers who...

Back 2 Back Blackline Package

BACK 2 BACK BLACKLINE PACKAGE For 60,000 GP Get two (2) Blackline series weapon❗️ XM8 CC Reflex Silencer Blackline (Permanent) AWP Silencer Blackline (Permanent) Glock...

2019 Mid Year Promo SALE

Since Sky got the Ultimate Weapon, and with it are a bulk load of treasures. Among them are the...

1v1 RAMBO Royale Invitational Tournament

We all know Rank is nothing, and skills are everything! Let's put their ranks to the...

March 2019 Special Login Event

FREE weapons and characters await you every Sunday this March.

October Armory Stake

The Armory Stake is back this October! Get a chance to cart away a PERM weapon if you reach VIP 5 Status this month!

Lucky Pirate Chest I

A barter store has been up and they're offering Treasure Chest from the Davy Jones' Locker! 


Join the January Raffle Dazzle and get a chance to win these awesome weapons for free!

Highroller Club February 2020

Congratulations to the February 2020 Highroller Club Members Top 1-5 ♠eXotix♥ ♤eXotix♡ Dem1God♪ ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠ KzDuggleDee For the top 5 members, Click HERE to fill up the form for your...

September VIP Freebies

Luxury at its finest! Get permanent weapons once you reach VIP 5 before September 8, 2019