Corps War League 2020

Let’s put the skills of the main team of each Corps this year and take part of the SF2 League 2020.

Last year we have the Clash of the Corps: Hostile Rivalry and the results were amazing. This year let’s aim bigger for a better competition. Introducing the Corps War League. A system that will put the corps to a test.

Ranking System

Points are being awarded and deducted in the following conditions:

  • All points will be coming from the Clan League Channel ONLY.¬†Matches done in other channels are not counted.
  • For each win Corps will gain 3 points as score in the rankings
  • For each lose Corps will lose 1 point on their score in the rankings
  • Desertion won’t gain nor lose points but will consume a ticket.

Ticket System

Each Corps will have 10 tickets per day, and will reset back to 10 tickets every 12 AM GMT+8 regardless of how many left from the previous day. Tickets are being used to record points in the ranking table. Any remaining Clan tickets will NOT be carried over to the next matching day.

A ticket will be consume for each match if the lineup have at least the Master or a Veteran. It will record the points depending on the result of that match (see the Ranking System).

Clan League Schedule

Matches are held this season (February 1, 2020 to February 23, 2020) as the trial phase of the system. Players may encounter issues during the trial phase. Please report these to the GMs for further investigation.

Clan League Channel

The channel is a auto-matchmaking, just select a map and a mode to start searching. After two clans are successfully matched, the mode and map will rely on the options chosen by the clans before the matchmaking. EXAMPLE: If Clan A selected “A” map while Clan B selected “B” map, the resulting map will be either A or B randomly.

Room desertion will be impossible after matchmaking. The match will start automatically after three (3) seconds. A disconnected member can join the room again or other clan members can also join the match if there is an empty slot.

Clan League Rewards

This Corps League event will reward all individuals that will reflect in the player ranking of the Clan League Channel.

Participants (all players that will be found in the ranking table of the clan league channel)

  • Baseball Diamond (30D)
  • M4A1 SOPMOD3 EOTech Silencer Diamond (30D)
  • CZ700 Diamond (30D)
  • Desert Eagle LaserPointer Diamond (30D)

Top Player

  • To Be Announced

Top 1 Corps

  • 250,000 GP to the Master

Top 2 Corps

  • 150,000 GP to the Master

Top 3 Corps

  • 100,000 GP to the Master

Regular Season will be announced once all data and suggestions are collected. 

Announcements may be changed by the administration. Any change will be posted on official channels only.