GAME GUIDE - Login Guide

Click Special Force 2 PH Game icon.

SF2 splash window appear showing process in loading the game launcher.

Game Launcher will open. Please wait until it will finish patching.

After patching, the Start Button will set as active. Click the Start button to open the game client.

Before the game client will open, xigncode game guard will open and patch first to secure our game and block all TPP. It will show to lower right of your screen.

Another SF2 splash window will appear. It shows the process in loading the game client.

After loading, the game client will appear. It will show several loading screen before getting to the log in window.

‘Log in’ page will open. This section is where you put your PlayPark ID login and password to access your account in the game.

Put your PlayPark ID in ‘ID’ text box. Make sure you put your registered PlayPark ID.

In ‘Password’ text box, put your correct password.

After putting your registered PlayPark ID and correct Password, click the ‘Log In’ button to get inside the game.

After logging in, it will direct you to the Server Screen of the game. Now you can start firing with friends and enjoy playing!

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