10.10 Promo Sale

The Special Force 2 10.10 Promo is here! Spend at least 10,100 GP in the Arms Dealer or at the Armory and you will get bonus a total of 10 bonus weapons aside from the ones you bought.

  • AK103 ACOG Puzzle
  • AN94 Atlantis
  • FR-F2 Sweetie
  • HK23E Navy Blue Digital
  • HK417 EOtech Paisley
  • G36C Eotech Laserpointer Shinetreefx
  • SIG551 Eotech Fireworksfx
  • M4A1 Eotech Laserpointer Leopard
  • SCAR-L Eotech Laserpointer Maple
  • M16A3 Eotech Analog