Settling for one is just not good enough. This year, the PlayPark Special Force and Special Force 2 teams are starting the search for other contenders to join the quest for Pride and Glory on the world stage. The Qualifiers for the second teams to from the Philippines to join the Special Force World Championship is on the way!


Team Members:

  • Wes- (Team Captain)
  • Rjhay
  • EpicMazeII
  • tOnybanks-
  • Shyyy-

Veterans of the game and of the limelight, Team Essence has been ready to represent the Philippines in the World Championships. They have been to the Stage and back ever since they represented the Philippines in the 2017 SFWC. But before that, they have already been exposed to the limelight by showcasing their skills with the virtual trigger. Their team resumè boasts being the SF2 Ultimatum Champions of 2017, Pacific Pro Circuit Champions of 2018, Elites Online Tournament Season 4 Champions, and – the one that counts at the moment – SF2 Ultimatum Champions of 2018.

Special Force 2 Pro Tour (Road to 10th SFWC)

Special Force 2’ Ultimatum has already given us a great contender for a chance to take home the cup in the upcoming world championships. However, the PlayPark Special Force 2 teams feels that the chances of winning in the SF World Championships would be better if the country has two representatives. This is why they are conducting another qualifiers for those who want to aspire for pride and glory. Spanning across the whole Philippines, eight cities will be hosting the tournament. The winning team will be the ones to go to the 2019 Special Force World Championship along with Team Essence.

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