Halcyon Blast Patch

The first ever content update of 2019 comes with a very significant change to the game. Players can now make even better weapons and step their game up even more. Welcome to the Halcyon Blast Content Update, Soldiers. This time, we’ll go for gold!

Here are the complete list of the new and updated content.

1.New Map

– Drone – available for Sabotage game missions.

2.New Weapons and items

GP Capsules
  • CM901 SpecialGold
  • AWP China Gold
  • XM8 CC RW LightningRed FX AngelRingRed
SP Capsules
  • Kriss V Bumblebee
  • Gold all in one SP Capsule

M14EBR Gold
M249 SPW OpenDot Gold
SAR-21 EOTech Silencer Gold
AA12 OpenDot Laserpointer Gold
Bizon EOTech Silencer
Tactical Knife Gold

GP Items
  • M67 Pig Grenade
  • M67 firecracker
  • CAMO Black Dragon FX
SP Items
  • Camo Fireworks
  • New Game Feature

3. New System Feature


– in this new feature to Special Force 2, Soldiers will now be able to combine different parts obtain through the other features available in game to create a weapon or item in game. You can see the full guide here [CLICK HERE].