1v1 RAMBO Royale Invitational Tournament

We all know Rank is nothing, and skills are everything! Let’s put their ranks to the test for a 1v1 Invitational Challenge!

We are inviting the Top 100 players from our individual rankings: https://sf2leaderboard.playpark.com/index.php?RANK=oEXP

Please register here: https://forms.gle/pDJdrR9QxzxF7Ecj6

The first 40 players from the rankings to confirm will be scheduled to bout each other in a single-elimination match every day.

The tournament schedule

  • Bracketing will be posted on October 13, 2019, 3:00 PM GMT+8
    • If there are still remaining slots open, the registration will be open to the public for registration.
    • Announcement of the bracketing will be on October 14, 2019, 3:00 PM GMT+8
  • Tournament time – 8 participants per day
    • October 14 – 7:00 PM GMT+8
    • October 15 – 7:00 PM GMT+8
    • October 16 – 7:00 PM GMT+8
    • October 17 – 7:00 PM GMT+8
    • October 18 – 7:00 PM GMT+8
    • October 21 – 7:00 PM GMT+8 (FINALS)


  • Overall Champion:
    • Php 5,000 CASH or 50,000 GP (optional)
    • ProBadge [60D]
  • 1st Runner Up
    • 20,000 GP
    • ProBadge [30D]
  • Daily Winner:
    • Champion: Permanent Weapon of choice
    • Runner Up: 30-Day weapon of Choice
  • Participation:
    • ProBadge [7D]
    • Double Up PAK (30D)
    • Rainbow Codename (30D)
    • Spectator Enhance v1 (30D)
    • Demolition man Package (30D)
    • CAMO GOLD Medal FX (30D)
    • Weapon Tag (Gold) [Limitless]
    • 30 pcs New GP Capsule (after October patch)


Round Limit: 7 Rounds
Game Format: Single-Elimination (Group Stage)
Round-Robin (Finals)
Weapon : Any weapons
Game Mode: 1v1 Mode (Alcatraz/Supply Base)
Gears & Items
No Restriction
Unify Enemy:On

Rules & Regulations:

  • Open to the top 100 players from our individual rankings
  • The slot is first come first served basis (Only the first 40 players to register will qualify)
    • They should register HERE
    • Deadline of submission is October 13, 2019, 12;00 PM GMT+8
    • If the slots are still open, we will allow all players to register from October 13, 2019, 3:00 PM GMT+8 to October 14, 2019, 3:00 PM GMT+8
  • The competition method is a 1 vs 1 match. A match is played in 7 rounds, single-elimination system (group stage)
  • Each day the first 8 confirmed participants will compete with each other. The winner will advance to the finals.
  • There will be no gear or item restriction, any weapons are allowed in this competition.
  • The daily winners will compete with each other on another date in a 7 rounds round-robin system.
  • Additional prizes to the participants if they are going to compete with face-cam during their match. (In a form of the conference call via FB messenger/Skype/WhatsApp)
  • Prizes will be credited to the winner’s account within 3 to 5 working days after the FINALS.
    • Participants are to report at least 15 minutes before the start of the tournament
    • After reporting in, both participants should be coordinating with CM Azure through FB Messenger/WhatsApp/Skype call.
    • Latecomers
      • 5 minutes – 1 round goes to the opposing team
      • 15 minutes – disqualified
        Teams are to take note that there will be no breaks
  • GM’s decision is final.