1v1 The Last Duel


  • Prize:
    • Champion = 5,000 Php
    • 1st Runner Up = 3,000 Php
    • 2nd Runner Up = 2,000 Php
  • Mechanics to join:
    • Registration will be made available on January 27, 2022, HERE: 1v1 The Last Duel: Registration Form
    • Tournament day: January 29, 2022.
    • Registration is open to ALL
    • All players will be using their personal SF2 accounts
    • No required level/rank
    • Maximum of 32 players
    • First come first serve basis
  • Tournament Starts:
    • Call time = 12:30 PM
    • Tournament starts = 1:00 PM
    • 5 mins. grace period
  • Tournament Mechanics:
    • Round Limit:
      • Elimination 10 Rounds (Best of 1)
      • Semi-Finals 7 Rounds (Best of 1)
      • Finals 7 Rounds (Best of 3)
    • Weapon :
      • No Restriction
    • Game Mode: 1:1
      • Maps: Alcatraz, Supply Base & Island
    • Gears & Items
      • No Restriction

The competition method is a 1 vs 1 match. A match is played in a match with 10 rounds, Single Elimination
There will be no gear or item restriction, any weapons are allowed in this competition.
In the event that a participant is unable to have a webcam, he/she is forfeited the match.
GM’s decision is final.

Reporting Time:
No show after 5 mins = DQ

Open to all SF2 players
Special Force 2 Moderators and PlayPark Employees are not allowed to join or participate.
Participants may be required to take part in interviews and have their photos/videos taken by the media for publicity purposes.
Chief Marshall’s decision is final and binding.
All matches will be on Facebook Live for documentation purposes.
All players will be using their personal SF2 accounts.
The Champion of this tournament hereby agrees to do promotions for the SF2.

Participants for the day are to report 30 mins before the start scheduled match.
A grace period of 5 minutes time will be given for latecomers
A strict schedule is applied, if the participant is not present within the allotted time, he/she is considered dropped to its match

    • All participants for the day’s match should be ready 10 mins before the Match Live
    • They have 10 minutes lead time to fix the technical setup for the Conference call
      Deliberately stopping, hanging or disconnecting during gameplay will result in immediate disqualification.
    • Usage of any external programs to gain an advantage will result in automatic disqualification and will be banned permanently.
      Illegal or improper movement, not normally made by using the map is not allowed
      Any usage of any abusive language will result in a warning point given and may lead to disqualification
      During the Decision Adjustment Process, only the team leader will be permitted to represent the team and raise the team’s opinions.