Project G36 Aug 2019 Patch Notes

The return of the comeback! G36C returned to its former glory!

Video Comparison of G36C Changes

New GP Capsules Added

Siege All-in-one GP Capsule
  • ACR Reflex Siege
  • CZ-3A1 RW Siege
  • HK417 MOD3A Reflex Siege
  • MSR Siege
  • SR25 Acog Siege

Toygun GP Capsule
  • HK417 MOD2A EOTech Toygun
  • FAMAS EOTech Toygun
  • Toy Hammer

New SP Capsule Added

Lightning Silver FX All-in-One SP Capsule
  • M4A1 EOTech Lightning Silver FX
  • CZ700 Lightning Silver FX
  • P90 OpenDot Lightning Silver FX
  • RPK – 47 Lightning Silver FX

New GP Item Added

Missing the GOLDBAR?! Try this one now!

Baseball Catball

New @CAFE Items
  • M4A1 SOPMOD3 EOTech Chrome
  • HK417 MOD3A Reflex Chrome
  • FAMAS MOD Chrome
  • TRG Chrome
  • K14 Chrome
  • CZ700 Chrome
  • Tomahawk Chrome
  • Metal Hammer Chrome
  • Toy Hammer Chrome
  • Delta ACE PMC

Removed Items

GP Capsule
• Inferno FX All in One GP Capsule
• K2C1 Reflex HyperBuster GP Capsule
• Ember FX All in One FX GP Capsule
• Digital Desert All in One GP Capsule
• Sky Desert PMC GP Capsule

SP Capsule
• Lightning Green FX All in One SP Capsule
• Ranger PMC All in One SP Capsule Price
• Neonsign FX All in One SP Capsule Price