Arms Dealer Sticker Series Weapon

Get out of that sticky situation of choosing the best weapon for you with the Special Force 2 Stuck On You Weekend Promo!

On May 15-16, get up to 30% off on all Weapons with the Sticker CAMO from the Item Shop. For an even bigger deal, get a sticker bundle set for only 24,500 GP!

List of Available Sticker series Weapons

  1. ACR Reflex Silencer Laserpointer
  2. AK104 MOD3A Reflex Silencer
  3. AN94 Reflex Silencer
  4. AWP Silencer
  5. Baseball
  6. CZ700 Silencer
  7. Famas Silencer
  8.  G36C Reflex Silencer Laserpointer
  9.  Glock17 Minidot laserpointer Console
  10.  KH417 MOD3A Reflex Silencer Laserpointer
  11.  K14 Silencer
  12.  Kukri
  13.  Kunai
  14.  M4A1 SOPMOD3 Reflex Silencer
  15.  M92FS Dual
  16.  MG4 Reflex
  17.  MX4Storm Reflex
  18.  SCAR-L MOD2A Reflex Silencer Laserpointer
  19.  SIG551 Reflex Laserpointer Silencer
  20.  Tomahawk Knife
  21.  TRG Silencer
  22.  XM8 Compactcarbine Reflex Silencer