Arms Dealer MAYDAY MAYDAY Promo!


Capitalize on the opportunity to get your most wanted weapons for a lower price. Get up to 30% off on all deals at the Special Force 2 Arms Dealer starting May 22 until May 23.

List of available items and weapons:

  1. SIG MPX Target Seeker Package
  2. White Knight MG Pack
  3. White Knight AR Pack II
  4. White Knight AR Pack II
  5. Black Ops AR KIT
  6. Black Ops SR KIT
  7. Lucky Suite Pack
  8. Ghost Tactical Pack
  9. Back 2 Back Black Pack
  10. Glock 17 Full Auto Custom Console
  11. SiGtAfz AR Pack
  12. SiGtAfz SR Pack
  13. SiGtAfz MG Pack
  14. Swift Death Pack