Capsule Guarantee

Care for an extra weapon and a chance to win a PMC? The Special Force 2 Capsule Guarantee will give you a BONUS weapon for every 100 capsules opened from EastAsia or Mercenary All-in-One capsules.

Promo runs until August 15, 2021.

  • Mercenary All-in-One GP Capsule
    • Black Mamba
    • M40A1 Mamba
    • FAMAS Mamba
    • FR-F2 Mamba
    • Jericho 941 Mamba
    • Throwing Star Mamba
  • Eastasia All-in-One GP Capsule
      • Xiah Red
      • Barret LaserPointer CatFX
      • FAMAS Silencer CatFX
      • K2 mod0 CatFX
      • M4A1 Eotech silencer CatFX
      • ACR ACOG CatFX Magup