Christmas Supreme 2019 Patch Notes


Let’s welcome the Christmas with Supreme surprises & freebies!



12-Days of Christmas Event

Event Period: December 13 12:01 AM to December 25 11:59 PM (GMT+8)

Just Login and play and at least 1 match to receive your daily reward!

Get a Permanent CAMO SNOW FX upon completion of the 12th Day Event!

  • Christmas Cap [7D]
  • Mad Santa Mask [7D]
  • FAMAS Laserpointer SantaFX [7D]
  • AK103 Christmas [Limitless]
  • Golden Deer Mask [7D]
  • Bat SnowfallFX [30D]
  • Christmas Gloves [7D]
  • L86A1 SnowMan [Limitless]
  • M4A1 MK3 Silencer SnowfallFX [7D]
  • M67 XmasBall[7D]
  • USAS 12 SnowfallFX Ammoup [30D]
  • CAMO Christmas [Limitless]


Enjoy the NON-STOP FEVER TIME Bonus during Christmas Season!

200% EXP, 200% SP, 100% LP

Event Period: December 13 12:01 AM to December 31 11:59 PM (GMT+8)

New FEVER Capsule

CAMO Black Dragon FEVER GP Capsule

  • CAMO Black Dragon FX (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)

VOB Winter FEVER SP Capsule

  • VOB Winter PMC (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)

New GP Capsule


Supreme All-in-One GP Capsule

  • ACR Supreme (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)
  • AK103 Supreme (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)
  • MP5K Supreme (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)
  • T65K2 Supreme (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)


Hive FX All-in-One GP Capsule

  • AK104 Mod2A EOTech HiveFX (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)
  • UMP45 HiveFX (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless


Stained Glass All-in-One GP Capsule

  • AK103 StainedGlass (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)
  • HK417 Mod3A Reflex StainedGlass (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)
  • Famas Silencer StainedGlass (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)
  • SIG MPX OpenDot StainedGlass (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)

New SP Capsule

Lightning Gold FX All-in-One SP Capsule

  • AK103 EOtech Silencer Lightning Gold FX (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)
  • FAMAS Laserpointer Lightning Gold FX (1D / 7D/ 30D/ Limitless)
  • K3 OpenDot Lightning Gold FX (1D,7D,30D, Limitless)
  • SR25 S25 Lightning Gold FX (1D,7D,30D, Limitless)
  • XM8 EOTech Lightning Gold FX (1D,7D,30D, Limitless)


  • MG4 Weapon UPDATE
    • MG4 Weapon Balancing is postponed until the first quarter of 2020 to test it further
  • Items that are removed:
    • Fever Capsule
      • Halloween All-in-One Fever Capsule
    • GP Capsule
      • Pirate All-in-One Capsule
      • Captain Skull All-in-One Capsule
      • BlackPearl All-in-One Capsule
      • Halloween v2.0 All-in-One Capsule
    • Sp Capsule
      • IceYellow All-in-One Capsule
      • BlackIce All-in-One Capsule