Devil’s Blossom October Patch

Boo! The ghosts and ghouls are out in force, and it’s up to you to dress up in your best pumpkin, witch, and horror attire to join the Halloween party, which coincides every year with Special Force 2’! Fun shooting with new maps and Halloween-themed items!

Pumpkin-heads for GP await, along with the witchiest weapons and CAMO. Get when the patch comes out, today!

Here is a complete list of patch notes:

  1. New Maps
    1. Old Train
    2. Supply Base
  2. New GP Capsules
    1. Horror All-in-One GP Capsule
      1. Tar-21 Parasite
      2. HK417 MOD3A EOtech Horror
  • ACR Hunted
  1. Witch FX All-in-One GP Capsule
    1. Sakura Halloween
    2. FN F2000 Silencer Witch FX
  • M249 SPW OpenDot Witch FX
  1. PSG-1 Mk.3 Witch FX
  2. CZ700 Zeless Witch FX
  • New SP Capsule
    1. CAMO Halloween
  1. New GP Items
    1. Pumpkin Head
    2. Pumpkin Helmet
    3. Pumpkin Mask
  2. New SP Items
    1. Pirate Eyemask
    2. CAMO Kraken
    3. CAMO Brindled