Iron Operator!

Are you up for the challenge? Complete the 10 tasks and be rewarded with these items!

Complete the following objectives:
1. Spend 10,000SP
2. Kill 500time
3. Assist 100tme
4. Headshoot 100time
5. Win Sabotage mode 30 match
6. Win Sniper Team deatch match 30 match
7. Win Escape mode 30 match
8. win Seizure mode 30 match
9. Win Team death match 30 match
10. play time 10H

Receive ALL of the following prizes upon completion of the 10 objectives.
AWP S2S Cherry FX (Limitless)
K5 Red Metal (Limitless)
Sakura 7D 
Kukri 3rd 7D 
M67 Sakura red 7D