June Patch Notes


“Dag” is a former operative of the Russian Special Forces — the Spetsnaz. When the Xanthid Mutation arose, Dag was part of a squad tasked with exterminating a Xanthid Nest but they walked right into an ambush. He was the only one that survived out of the five operatives sent. Now, the world is in anarchy. Dag is taking advantage amidst the chaos to return to “Sector 8” and settle his unfinished business once and for all.

EastAsia All-in-One GP Capsule

  • Camo EastAsia Matrix
  • Camo EastAsia Cloud
  • Camo EastAsia Circle

Military All-in-One GP Capsule

  • CheyTac M200 Military (Limitless)
  • Desert Eagle Military (Limitless)
  • G36C FR LaserDot Military (Limitless)
  • K2 FR LaserDot Military (Limitless)
  • UMP45 FR LaserDot Military (Limitless)
  • M14 EBR EOTech USMC (Limitless)
  • CAMO Usmc (Limitless)
  • CAMO USA Desert (Limitless)
  • CAMO Digital Desert (Limitless)GP 500 1pc
    GP 2300 5+1pc
    GP 4200 10+2pc

 Flecktarn All-in-One GP Capsule

  • HK23E EOtech Flecktarn (Limitless)
  • HK417 Reflex Laser Silen Flecktarn (Limitless)
  • MP5K Silencer Flecktarn (Limitless)
  • Scar-L EO L S Flecktarn (Limitless)
  • SIG551 EO L S Flecktarn (Limitless)
  • UMP45 OD LP S Flecktarn (Limitless)GP 500 1pc
    GP 2300 5+1pc
    GP 4200 10+2pc

    Mercenary All-in-One GP Capsule

  • Black Security Coupon (Limitless)
  • Maya Coupon (Limitless)
  • KSK Coupon (Limitless)
  • Sky Desert (Limitless)
  • DesertSniper (Limitless)
  • Delta Ace(Limitless)

GP 500 1pc
GP 2300 5+1pc
GP 4200 10+2pc

Random box

  • MP40 RW Silencer Random Box GP
  • Scar-L Mod2A Reflex Random Box GP

Item removal

  • SpecOps All-in-One GP Capsule
  • LPFX All-in-One GP Capsule

New Game Mode

  • Shooter Mode – (Xanthid – SH Defense)