Manila Day Purchase Reward


In celebration of the 449th Year Anniversary of Manila’s Foundation. We will have a Purchase reward of 44,900 GP of random weapons. This is on June 24 ONLY.

Reward List:

  • K14 Blaster
  • SIG551 Reflex AquaFX
  • AK104 Mod3a Reflex Silencer AquaFX
  • CheyTac M200 Aquablaster
  • CZ700 WatermelonFX
  • Galil EOTech LaserPointer AquaFX
  • M14 EBR KrakenFX
  • Kar98k Silencer AquaFX Magup
  • Bizon Sealant
  • RPK-74 WatermelonFX

This is a repeatable purchase event. Arms Dealer purchases are not included.