Operation Groufie!

People always say that the basic aim of playing games is to have fun. Then, there’s also that saying that goes “The more, the merrier”. That is why the PlayPark Special Force 2 Team is bringing back the “Groupie Corps Picture Contest”!

All you have to do is submit a group photo with your corps members in game and you’ll get a chance to win awesome prizes!

1. Submissions must be photographs in game consisting of not less than three corps members.
2. All participants must submit their entries on the comment section of the Facebook post containing this link.

3. All the submitted Photos from the comment section will be collated from September 28, 2018 until October 12, 2018 and will be posted on the Fan Page.

a. Share your groufie photo from the Album to get the most likes.

4. There will be three (3) winners:”
a. GM’s Choice” will be chosen by all of the GM’s and CM’s of the PlayPark team;
b. Two (2) photos which has been posted in SF2’s Fan page with the most likes.
5. Winners will be announced at the 2ndweek of October. The Prizes are as follows:
a. GM’s Choice – 3000 PlayPark Load.
b. 1st photo with the most likes – 3000 PlayPark Load.
c. 2nd photo with the most likes – 2000 PlayPark Load.


Good Luck and have fun!