ProTour North Division (Manila) : Zerrin

Zerrin Wins Special Force 2 Kick Off Leg at the G1 eSports Hub

With the upcoming 10th Special Force World Championship, the participating countries are are beefing their respective teams up for the big weekend. The Philippines isn’t in any way different. This is why the Special Force 2 Pro Tour was created.

Kicking off the tournament in the North Division was the Manila leg. Initially composed of 13 Teams, the matches were intense. But, as we all know, all have to fall except one. That exemption turned out to be Team Zerrin.


Knocking down every adversary who were in their path towards victory. At the end of the day, they emerged victorious. They knocked out Team UPRISING in the finals to eventually get their hands on the championship of Manila.

They are now officially one of the semi-finalists in the Pro Tour and have stepped one step closer to being one of the representatives of the Philippines in the upcoming 10th SFWC.