Purple Heart (July 2020) Patch Notes


Unleash the limitless possibilities with our new VIP System. Get more from the prestige membership

NEW VIP System

  • VIP Membership Card (30D)
    • Now available for 75,000 GP in In-game Shop (Items Category)
  • Exclusive RoseSkull FX Weapons Series
    • HK417 MOD3A Reflex Silencer RoseskullFX
    • M40A1 Silencer RoseskullFX
    • K14 Silencer RoseskullFX
    • Ultimax Opendot LaserPointer RoseskullFX
    • XM8 CC Reflex RoseskullFX
    • Tomahawk RoseskullFX
    • Dual Beretta RoseskullFX
  • Exclusive PMC (100% EXP, 100% SP, 100% LP)
    • Desert Sniper PMC
  • VIP Room Bonus
    • Personal Bonus
      • 40% EXP & 40% SP
    • Other players in the room
      • 20% EXP & 20% SP
  • Monthly Perks
    • Additional rewards for all Daily Attendance, Missions, and other monthly activities.

New GP Capsule


  • Purple Rain I All-in-One GP Capsule
    • XM8 CC FR MagUp Lightning Purple FX
    • UMP45 FR LaserDot Lightning Purple FX


  • Purple Rain II All-in-One GP Capsule
    • SCAR-L Mod2a FR Lightning Purple FX
    • M4A1 SOPMOD3 FR Lightning Purple FX


  • Purple Rain III All-in-One GP Capsule
    • G36C FR Lightning Purple FX
    • M40A1 MK5 Lightning Purple FX

New SP Capsule


  • Leo FX [Zodiac] All-in-One SP Capsule
    • Kar98k Silencer CancerFX
    • SIG MPX OpenDot CancerFX

New Combine Items

  • Primary Weapons
    • CZ700 4th Anniversary (40 x Medal A, 40 x Medal B, 40 x Medal C, 40 x Medal D, 44k SP)
    • FAMAS Reflex VirusPurpleFX
      (40 x Medal A, 50 x Medal B, 10 x Medal C, 10 x Medal D, 1,000,000 SP)
    • AN-94 Atlantis
      (40 x Medal A, 50 x Medal B, 10 x Medal C, 10 x Medal D, 100k SP)


  • Removal of the following items
    • VIP End of Month reset
      • VIP Status is now via a membership subscription base that can be purchase in the ITEMS Category of the in-game shop
    • Capsule
      • Gemini All in One SP Capsule
    • Combine Enhancement:
      • Scar-H Nascar
      • PP2000 Titan
      • K14 3rd Anniversary