Everything you need to know about Reinforced

Here’s everything you need to know about the SF2 Reinforced!

  1. Solo Rank League!

The official rankings of SF2 is here! Battle against other soldiers for supremacy and dominate the leaderboards!

The Solo Rank League is an in-game feature that that lets soldiers play against each other and gather points. Every time you win, you will earn points and every time you lose, you will lose points.

So why would you play Solo Rank?

Every point you accumulate during the duration of the season will determine your rank and skills. The higher the point, the higher the rank. The higher the rank, the better the in-game rewards you’ll be getting at the end of every season.


A. Who are eligible to play Solo Rank League?
1. Ticket Item Holder
2. Sergeant rank or higher.

B. Tickets
1. Tickets will be available in store and in the ArmsDealer. You can use SP or GP in purchasing the ticket
2. 1 ticket = 1 match
3. There will be no restriction to how many tickets you want to obtain.
4. Tickets will be consumed once the match starts

C: How do I play?
1. You must have a ticket in your inventory
2. There will be a special channel for the Solo Rank League

D: How would I know my ranking?
1. Your ranking will be seen on your solo rank profile
2. The top 100 will be updated every day between 4 to 5

E: Rewards
Please stay tune in SF2’s Facebook page and website as we will announce soon the rewards for Solo Rank. Here are some of the rewards that will be distributed

1. SP and EXP
2. Weapons (we will set-up a wish upon a GM event to gather feedbacks as to what weapons you guys want)
3. Cash prizes or GP
4. The top rankers will earn EXCLUSIVE REWARDS. Items that only the top rankers have in-game.

So what are you waiting for? Train now and be ready for the Solo Rank League Soldiers!

NEW Maps



  • SR All-in-One GP Capsule
    • TRG Silencer EmberFX (Limitless)
    • AWP Cherry FX (Limitless)
    • K14 Silencer MelodyFX (Limitless)
    • CZ700 Silencer FeatherFX (Limitless)
    • Barret LaserPointer CatFX (Limitless)
      GP 500 1pc
      GP 2300 5+1pc
      GP 4200 10+2pc
  • AR All-in-One GP Capsule
    • G36C Reflex StellarFX
    • HK417 Mod3A EO S LP MelodyFX
    • SIG551 Reflex RisingFX
    • SCAR-L Mod2A R S LP Pastel
    • M4A1 SOPMOD3 R S SIGtAfz FX
      GP 500 1pc
      GP 2300 5+1pc
      GP 4200 10+2pc
  • SMG All-in-One GP Capsule
    • UMP45 HiveFX (Limitless)
    • P90 Opendot RisingFX (Limitless)
    • SIG MPX TargetSeeker Gear (Limitless)
    • CS/LS06 Mk3 Opendot SIG tAfzFXMagup (Limitless)
    • CZ-3A1 RW Venomous (Limitless)

      GP 500 1pc

      GP 2300 5+1pc
      GP 4200 10+2pc

NEW Items

  • GP Items
    • Kukri Winter
    • Baseball Winter
    • ToyHammer Frozen

      GP 600 (7D)
  • SP Weapons
    • STG44
    • MP40
    • Kar98k

      55,000 SP
  • SP Items
    • Solo League Ticket

      200 SP 1pc

      1000 SP 5pcs
      2000 SP 10pcs

Removed Capsules

  • Zodiac All-in-One SP Capsule