Rookie Shopper

Spend for the very first time in the SF2 item mall or Armsdealer and receive the following

AK103 Nuke (Limitless)
Colt 1911 Silencer CircuitFX (Limitless)
SCORPION Circuit (Limitless)
CZ700 Red metal (Limitless)
AA-12 Luxury (Limitless)
M4A1 EOtech Blue Tiger (Limitless)
Scar-L EOtech LaserPointer Valentine FX (Limitless)
SR25 S2S Zebra (Limitless)
HK417 JabberWock (Limitless)
Famas White (Limitless)
5 Femme Fatale Super Random Box
5 G36C EOTech Silencer Laserpointer Random Box
10 Random Box Keys

* Available only for accounts with no cash purchase history
* Must spend at least 9900 GP
* Promo from June 12 – 15
* Awarding 3 – 7 Working days upon the end of event