SF2 Caravan

Head down to the battle station and get dirty! If you got what it takes to be on top, sign up now and win up to 34,000 worth of prizes.

Registration Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 NN

Tournament Time: 1:00 PM

REGISTRATION FEE: Present 250 unused Playpark Load per Team. (Ask event facilitator)


Champion: 3,000 Cash + 2,500 Playpark Load

3,000 cash plus 2,500 Load
SIG551 EOTech White Line (Limitless)
CZ700 S2S White Line (60 Days)
Enchanced Crosshair (30D)
Double Up Pack (30D)
SAS Mobility Troop (30)

1st Runner up:
1,500 cash plus 1,000 Load
SIG551 EOTech White Line (30D)
CZ700 S2S White Line(30D)
Enchanced Crosshair (30D)
Double Up Pack (30D)
SAS Mobility Troop (30)

SIG551 EOTech White Line (7D)
CZ700 S2S White Line(7D)
Enchanced Crosshair (7D)
Double Up Pack (7D)
SAS Mobility Troop (7D)


Participating Team is composed of 5-Man Team and a substitute if they choose to elect.

All concerns regarding the match must be reported to the Tournament Official on the spot or within 30 minutes after the end of each match

Tournament officials’ decision is final and binding.

All matches will be recorded by the tournament officials for documentation purposes.

All players will be using their personal SF2 accounts.

Third Party Voice Chats like Raid call, Discord or Team Speak are allowed.

All participating teams may elect 1 or 2 substitute player/s.

Teams will be required to submit their final line up including their substitute player one week before the tournament starts.

Substitute players meals, transportation and accommodation are not covered by Playpark Inc. during the entire tournament.

The administration highly recommends a lineup of at least 7 players. Unexpected issues for one single player are not a valid reason to postpone matches.


Teams, with all team members present, are require to report between 10AMto 12NN on the day of the tournament.


A grace period of 15 minutes time will be given for latecomers

However, officials will seed these latecomers in the tournament brackets according to their discretion

If the latecomers still do not show when their match is called, they will be declared absent and the match declared a walkover.  The opposing team will win the PRO TOUR Championship


5 minutes – Automatic map/first pick to opposing team

15 minutes – Free bye for game 1 to opposing team

30 minutes – Team gets disqualified


ALL team members must be present during the tournament. Please assemble at least five minutes before your matches.

Teams will be allotted 10 minute’s for warm-up & set-up (All In session) before each match.

Players are to use the allotted time to familiarize themselves with the keyboard as well as make any final adjustments to computer settings if needed (see Gaming Equipment).

If all teams are ready before the 10 minutes are up, they may inform the official and start their matches.

Players should inform the officials on the positions that they are playing.


Each team must have 5 players which are formed of; 1 sniper and 4 assault rifles, 2 snipers and 3 assaults rifles, or 5 assaults rifles. Any other team format is not allowed and will result in team’s immediate disqualification.

If a team wants to change a sniper player, the team leader has to inform such change to the Chief Referee. However, changing a sniper player is not allowed during a match and semi-final & final matches.

Pick-up weapon during a match is allowed.

Player’s weapons must be equipped and saved on type A and B only. Assault rifle player can change weapon after the end of each round.

A character’s codename must be composed of the English alphabet; for example, CM Ekim

A single PC unit will be provided to each player before a match starts.

Players must make any final adjustments (all necessary settings in the game and computer accessories) as well as complete team match practice 10 minutes before the start of a match.

If a match gets delayed due to matters of computer hardware/software (i.e. computer hardware, system error, computer accessory that a player has brought into, and/or more), a team which causes such a delay will receive one (1) Warning Point and all decisions will be herein after subject to the rules of “Pre and Post-gunfight “under the organizer’s sole discretion. If two (2) warning points are given during a match, team(s) will forfeit the corresponding match.

Players are only allowed to use six (6) kinds of their personal computer accessories such as keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, mouse wire holder, and external sound card. If additional installation for use of player’s utility program is required to set up on a single PC unit, these applications (i.e. sound card application and mouse/keyboard install application) must be handed over to the organizer 3 days before the event starts.

VI. Game Settings:

Round Limit: 7 Rounds

Game Format: Single Bracket Eliminations

Best of 2 maps per set (match score, points will be the basis. If the points will tie, there will be a 3rd map to play)

Max Player: 5 v 5

Team: 1SR – 4AR, 2SR – 3AR, 5AR; only 1 MG allowed per team

Game Mode: Sabotage, Seizure, Escape

Change Team: Apply

Team Balance: OFF

Kill Cam: OFF

Weapon Restriction: NONE


Sabotage: Satellite, Hangar, Embassy, Desert, Station,

Seizure: Quarantine, Ryokan

Escape: Shipyard


Each captain has a chance to ban 2 maps.


Before the start of a match, players must be done with their computer accessory settings during given minutes (10 minutes).

In the event that any unexpected incidents or situation may take a place, the Chief Referee has the right to extend player’s setting minutes under his solely authority.

The Chief Referee has the right to give out a “warning” (a yellow card) if a match gets delayed due to the corresponding team players’ fault.

If computer accessories that players have brought into are unusable and there is no spare accessory available for its replacement, players will be advised to use other computer accessories that the organizer provides with.

The Chief Referee or Referees are entitled to warn when abusing bug-plays in any situation below.

– Any specific bug-plays are not regulated yet, all judgmental decisions for bug-play are to be declared or decided by the Chief Referee or Referees.

– If a bug-play occurs due to game client, the Chief Referee invalidates a current round and rematch the same round.

Only a voice chat program provided by the organizer is allowed to use and any other voice programs are not allowed.

No voice chats and chatting are allowed after being killed. If being caught violating, the team forfeits referring round.

In case of any problems occurred during a match, ONLY team leader can appeal to referee(s).

All participants are required to play fairly, conforming to the rules of good sportsmanship.

All decisions made by the Chief Referee and/or Referees are final.

The team forfeits a referring match if their total warning (yellow cards) reaches 2 times.


The contents (i.e. map and items) officially regulated in SF2 PRO TOUR ROAD TO SFWC 2019 tournament are only allowed.

The competition method is 5 vs. 5 team match. A match is played in 7 rounds best of 3 maps, round robin system

All players must use their personal Playpark SF2 Accounts.

No Item Restriction.

Map and Side Pick Rules:

– Tournament Official will randomize the map

– Only 1 Toss Coin is needed for each match.

– The winner will get to choose between Red or Blue sides

Any chat and conversation after being killed are prohibited. If any players in a team who violate this regulation are detected, (1) the team will be automatically defeated at the corresponding round. If two (2) warning points are given during a match, team(s) will forfeit the corresponding match. *All decision will be made under the organizer’s sole discretion in due course.


Bug Relations

– Usage of known bugs in the game to gain advantage will result in the disqualification of the team.

– If an unknown bug shows up during the tournament, the players must inform the Tournament Officials to see if the game should be stopped. The officials will then decide to restart, continue or reschedule the tournament.


In the event that any delays and errors occur due to matters of PC and game client, network disconnection, and if any; *All decision will be made under the organizer’s sole discretion in due course.

If one player encounters latency issue, the match will go on

If one player per team encounters latency issue, the match will go on

If two or more players encounters latency issue, the Tournament Official shall reserve the right to hold the match until the latency issue reverts back to normal

If a player got disconnected before the first kill has been made in the first round, the match will be restarted

If a player got disconnected after the first kill has been made, the round has to finish and the team can request for a pause so the disconnected player can rejoin the game. The waiting time for the disconnected player is 10 minutes maximum. If the player does not connect within the given time, the match will go on

If the player encounters an issue with their equipment before the start time, they must immediately notify their Team Captain for the Tournament Official to provide ample time to fix the equipment. The Tournament Officials also need to update the affected players on the situation and the steps they are taking to resolve the issue.


Pre-gunfight situation is defined that all players (5 vs. 5) are still alive in a round regardless of how much HP they get damaged. It means a round must be restarted.

Post-gunfight situation is defined that at least one (1) player is killed and out of a round. It means the corresponding round is continued to end and its result score is recorded. After the round ends, the following round is played on a new game room.


Once the Tournament Officials has received all reports from a round, he/she must update the bracket and inform players of their next round match as soon as possible.

Players must follow the Tournament Mechanics. Failure to abide the Playpark Inc. General Rules will result to immediate disqualification of the whole Team

NOTE: this is an official event hosted by PlayPark, and the Policies made by the Tournament Committee will be strictly observed and enforced during the event.

NOTE: Violation to any of the aforementioned Tournament Rules and Mechanics, Pre-game/In-game Procedures can be used as ground for disqualification.