SF2 Nabunturan Tournament powered by Master Cyber Cafe

       K2 Digital – Permanent
       AWP Digital – Permanent
2nd Runner-up:
       XM8 Digital -Permanent
       Scorpion Digital – Permanent

3rd Runner – up:
       M4A1 Fissure (30 days)
       Colt Fissure (30 Days)

Consolation: P90 Digital – Permanent

CAFE NAME: Master Cyber Cafe
Address: Purok 6. Public Market. Poblacion Nabunturan, Compostela Province
Team Registration:  P100


Game Settings
Round Limit: 7
Max Player: 5 vs 5
Team: 1 Sniper – 4 Riffles, 2 Snipers – 3 Riffles, 5 Riffles
Game Mode: Sabotage, Escape, Seizure
Change Team: Apply
Team Balance: OFF
Third Person Spectator: OFF
Kill Cam: OFF
Weapon Restrictions: NONE
Misile Base

Nerve Gas

Tournament Officials may also use Round Robin style if they see it necessary

Pre-game Procedures

  • Tournament Officials will be in-charge in choosing the creator of the room (always blue side/team captain will create the room)
  • All players must use their personal SF2 Accounts.
  • No Item Restriction.
  • Map and Side Pick Rules:
  • Tournament Marshall will drawn a map into the box
  • Only 1 Toss Coin is needed for each match.
  • The winner will get to choose between Red or Blue side
  • Round start time will be set by the tournament officials. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to make sure the team is on time and available at the round start time
  • The Team Members shall be complete 10 minutes before the start of the match
  • Only two Snipers is allowed per team
  • First offense will result to a losing point on the offending team.
  • Second offense will result the disqualification of the whole team.
  • Tournament Officials will need to check all the weapon slots before the match starts
  • Warm-up time is maximum of 10 minutes of the round and maximum of 5 minutes between games. Teams should use this time to ensure they’re fully prepared. During this time, players need to:
  • Login to the client using their account to the correct server
  • Join to the room created by the Tournament Officials
  • Double check all the equipment and familiarize themselves with the keyboard and mouse, as well as to make final adjustments to computer settings if ever
  • Let their Team Captain know if they are ready to play
  • If the player encounters an issue with their equipment before the start time, they must immediately notify their Team Captain for the Tournament Official to provide ample time to fix the equipment. The Tournament Officials also need to update the affected players on the situation and the steps they are taking to resolve the issue

In-Game Procedures

  • 7 rounds to win
  • Best of 3 games for the Finals
  • Usage of known bugs in the game to gain advantage will result to disqualification of the team
  • If an unknown bug shows up during the tournament, the players must inform the Tournament Officials to see if the game should be stopped. The organizers will then decide either to restart, continue or reschedule the tournament
  • If one player encounters latency issue, the match will go on
  • If one player per team encounters latency issue, the match will go on
  • If two or more players encounters latency issue, the Tournament Official shall reserve the right to hold the match until the latency issue reverts back to normal
  • If a player got disconnected before the first kill has been made in the first round, the match will be restarted
  • If a player got disconnected after the first kill has been made, the round has to finish and the team can request for a pause so the disconnected player can rejoin the game. The waiting time for the disconnected player is 10 minutes maximum. If the player does not connect within the given time, the match will go on

End of Game

  • Once the Tournament Officials has received all reports from a round, he/she must update the bracket and inform players of their next round match as soon as possible

20 LU

■King of the hill champion■



Sig551 Digital Permanent

First Runner-up

Scorpion Digital Permanent

Top 20 player will receive an (sf2 playpark baller)

King of the hill exclusive for the kids around the area.

No PRO allowed

1st round 1500 shipyard
2nd round 1000 cathedral

King of the hill 1on1 on a sabotage map. 10 wins