SF2 The Final Encounter 5v5 Tournament

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Gather your squadmates soldier! The Final Encounter 5v5 Tournament is almost upon us.
As the war draws to a close, here is a final chance for glory and victory.

“Individuals Play The Game, But TEAMS Beat the Odds”

Event Date:

February 27, 2022

Call Time: 12:30 PM

Tournament start: 1:00 PM



  • PHP 15,000 CASH

Runner Up

  • 1st Runner Up
    • PHP 8,000 CASH
  • 2nd Runner Up
    • PHP 2,000 CASH


Random: Escape, Sabotage, and Seizure Mode Only

  • Elimination: Best of 1 Match – 10 Rounds each
  • Final 4: Best of 3 – 7 rounds each
  • Final 2: Best of 5 – 7 rounds each

Settings: Shadow ON, Unify Enemy On

Map Pool:

    • Shipyard, Venezia, Old Train, Construction Site, Mansion, Mangrove
    • Satellite, Hangar, Embassy, Desert, Station, Bazaar, Missile Base, Guantanamo
    • Quarantine, Nerve Gas, Anaconda


At the start of the match, the team should always have 1 sniper. They may only get weapons during the match

The SCAR-L weapon variant is NOT ALLOWED in this tournament

There is NO RESTRICTION Armor and Settings.

However, they should always abide by the SF2 SEA Game Policy posted HERE.


There will be NO Registration FEE in joining this tournament. This will be a first come first served registration that will start on February 22, 2022.

The registration form will be posted on our Official FACEBOOK Page.

End of Game

Once the Tournament Officials has received all reports from the round, he/she must update the bracket and inform players of their next round match as soon as possible.


This is an official event hosted by PlayPark, and the Policies made by the Tournament Committee will be strictly observed and enforced during the event.

Violation of any of the aforementioned Tournament Rules and Mechanics, Pre-game/In-game Procedures can be used as a ground for disqualification.

Players must follow the Tournament Mechanics. Failure to abide by the Playpark General Rules will result in immediate disqualification of the whole Team