Ulitmatum 2019 Pagadian Qualifiers – May 18

Where: Top Blaze CFI Bldg. Rizal Avenue, Pagadian City (Near Gaisano Mall)

Registration Time: 10:00 AM to 12 NN

Tournament Time: 1:00 PM

Registration: 500 Unused Playpark Load/Team (Ask facilitator regarding the load)

Minimum of 6 Teams. (If below 6 Teams, Game will be “forfeited” but will have King of the Hill)

All registered teams will receive a voucher code containing the “Tournament Package”

Tournament Package

  • SFWC LED glove [7D]
  • SFWC Pants [7D]
  • SFWC Mask [7D]
  • SFWC PH shirt [7D]
  • SFWC Boots [7D]
  • SFWC Bandanna [7D]
  • Demolition pack [7D]

Door prize:

  • M4A1 EOTech White line (Limitless)
  • Red Mamba (30D0
  • Enchanced Crosshair (30D)
  • Quick SP Pay 30P (30D)
  • CAMO StellarFX (30D)

Game Settings

Round Limit: 7 Rounds

Game Format: Single Bracket Eliminations

Best of 2 maps per set (match score, points will be the basis. If the points will tie, there will be a 3rd map to play)

Max Player: 5 v 5

Team: 1SR – 4AR, 5AR; only 1 MG allowed per team

Game Mode: Sabotage, Seizure, Escape

Change Team: Apply

Team Balance: OFF

Kill Cam: OFF

Weapon Restriction: NONE

Mode and Maps:

  • Sabotage: Satellite, Hangar, Embassy, Desert, Station,
  • Seizure: Quarantine, Ryokan
  • Escape: Construction Site, Shipyard

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