Warlord October 2020

Congratulations to the following soldiers, they’ve proven their worth to be called the SF2 Warlord of October 2020

  1. Strok
  2. IamNewbie211
  3. [6th-S]’Warthea3
  4. V7MoonRipper
  5. sPoNgeBob1234
  6. Merbabu
  8. FuZi
  9. Malabar
  10. 8pace

Top 10 players who have the highest playtime hours of the month will receive the following rewards:

Top 1
30D CAMO of Choice
30D Weapon of choice
30D VIP Card
Top 2-5
7D VIP Card
Top 6-10
1D VIP Card
Top 1-10
CAMO Gold (30D)
CAMO InfernoFX (30D)

As for the top 1 Warlord you must send message to CM Azure for your Weapon & Camo of Choice.