Mano y Mano: SF2 Duel Strike Patch

The 1v1 patch Duel Strike comes out today, July 19, 2018!

Emphasizing a face-to-face showdown mode between just two opponents, the new map Alcatraz lets you relive the tense and cagey feel of The Rock. One shall stand and one shall fall!

Skywalker and Harbor round out the new maps introduced for the other modes, coming along with new capsules and SP items.

Here follows the complete list of additions, and see you later when the patch hits after maintenance!

I. New Mode – 1v1
II. New Maps

a. Alcatraz (1v1)
b. Skywalker
c. Harbor

III. New Capsules

a. Blackpearl
b. Naga
c. Earthquake

IV. New SP items

a. Bizon
b. Colt 1911
c. Tomahawk Ruler
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