Welcome Back Package!

Isn’t good to be back? The home of realistic shooter action, Special Force 2, has an exciting treat for all the returning Soldiers. If you played any time between December 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017, there’s a Welcome Back Package waiting for you in your Armory.

The package includes not one, not two, but THREE Permanent Weapons and 30 day items to push the thrill to the max. Check out what you’ll get:
• FAMAS Black Ice (Permanent)
• CheyTac M200 S2S Black Ice (Permanent)
• MG4 Opendot Black Ice (Permanent)

• Jericho Black Ice (30D)
• Black Rose (30D)
• M14TH3 (30D)
• Jacky (30D)
Didn’t we tell you it’s good to be back? Open that game client, claim yours and take these weapons out for a spin on the battlefield. Better watch out for more surprises from the SF2 team.